Automating MS Access to MySQL database migration

Automating MS Access to MySQL database migration

Database migration is important procedure that allows companies and organizations to upgrade their data warehouses to fit needs of growing business. However, it can be complicated and takes a lot of efforts when doing manually, especially for large corporate-scale data warehouses. Non-automated database migration may lead to data loss or corruption due to human factor. Although, it is not possible to entirely automate migration of MS Access forms and related Visual Basic code, rest of database objects can be easily migrated into MySQL format using special tools.

There are many solutions for automating MS Access to MySQL database migration ranged from free of charge scripts to turn-key commercial tools. Users of such products should understand how to choose the right solution among others. The most important requirements to MS Access to MySQL converters are listed below:

  1. The converter must support all modern versions of MySQL running on Windows and Unix/Linux platforms
  2. The migration tool must support the most popular MySQL forks such as MariaDB and Percona
  3. The product must migrate all primary database objects such as table definitions, data, indexes, relationships between tables and queries
  4. Options to merge or synchronize existing MySQL database with MS Access data must be supported
  5. The converter must be able to convert MS Access database into MySQL script file for those cases when direct connection to MySQL server is not available
  6. Support for command line arguments is necessary to script and schedule database migration

Being a software vendor specializing in database migration field since 2001, Intelligent Converters company developed a tool to migrate from MS Access to MySQL meeting all specified requirements. Moreover, the product allows to migrate results of SELECT-queries. This powerful feature can help to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Extract and rename particular columns, for example SELECT FName as FirstName, LName as LastName FROM MyTable
  2. Bypass rows containing NULLs, for example SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE not isnull(Comments)
  3. Filter rows to convert, for example SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE ID > 1000

MS Access to MySQL converter has intuitive wizard-style interface to simplify database migration procedure that makes it useful not only for IT specialists. Also, the product stores conversion settings into profile to avoid entering all this data in next use.

MS Access to MySQL converter is supplied with trial version for evaluation purpose, it converts only 50 records per table and does not convert foreign keys and views. The product can be customized by particular user needs by request.

Learn more about MS Access to MySQL converter at the official site of Intelligent Converters.