Benefits of Mobile Biometric Authentication Technology For Your Enterprise

Benefits of Mobile Biometric Authentication Technology For Your Enterprise

The internet and businesses share a similar trait: they depend on trust. As the world progresses, companies assimilated digital tools for more efficient and quicker service delivery. However, the presence of cyberattacks calls for strongersecurity systems to ensure the safety of both businesses and customers.

In a typical security setting, embedding passwords into important online systems is the first thing that comes to mind. Password-based authentication can protect to a certain extent, but over time ithas become obsolete and weak enough to be bypassed by hackers. Moreover, they are a hassle, costing your business time and money on repeated resets.

These days, passwordless security systems are used to defend online business systems from digital risks. Identity authentication through biometrics verification is more efficient than simple passwords andis easier to handle. Technology like Fido2 authentication allows users to leverage common devices to authenticate online services on mobile and desktop.

With continued innovation, biometrics has offered the best security solutions for companies. This article will list the advantages of utilizing mobile biometric verification for your business.

Quick and Frictionless User Experience

You don’t need to remember anything when authenticating with biometrics. Mobile biometrics systems only need to scan a user’s IDs or unique physical features such as fingerprint, face, voice, and retina. This makes the user experience friendly, fast, and easy.

Higher Security Assurance

Passwords ask you “what you know, ” making it a walk in the park for fraudsters and hackers to break into your systems. After all, most passwords are made using common knowledge such as birth dates or company trademarks that may be available for the public to see. Biometrics authentication asks the user “what they have,” something exclusive only to them. Cybercriminals won’t be able to replicate your physical appearance or your government-issued ID, keeping them locked out of your systems.

Efficient Operation

Did you ever forget the password to one of your company’s important systems? Users often forget passwords, and resetting them is an additional responsibility of your IT department. With mobile biometrics, you don’t have to remember much since you can scan your physical traits immediately or present your ID.

Non-Transferrable and Theft-Proof

Biometrics are unique. It is nearly impossible to replicate physical appearance precisely with our existing technology or to have the same fingerprint as someone. Additionally, biometrics cannot be shared or transferred digitally since it requires physical application input upon authorization.


A while ago, we mentioned Fido2. Fido2 allows you to usestandard devices to authenticate online services on either phone or desktop anytime, anywhere. Biometrics systems are also straightforward, easy to learn, and have no limited access. Visually impaired? Just place a fingertip on the screen. At home but your office needs an important file from you? Open the company database through your phone and send it to them. Mobile biometrics authentication is inclusive and possesses better accessibility.

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