Comparing Chat Applications Encryption, Privacy, and Safe Usage

Comparing Chat Applications Encryption, Privacy, and Safe Usage

Technology has made the once big and wide world into seemingly a small place. Thanks to its progression, people now can communicate with anyone in various places, anytime. Communication has never been easy and effortlessly simple.

In situations where a person needs to convey information urgently, mobile phones and emails come in handy. It allows people to communicate with multiple people at once in real-time without being physically present with each other.

Many instant messaging (IM) applications can even send pictures, videos, and stickers to their recipients. Such features enable them to express their feelings and emotions more clearly. Companies leverage these messaging applications to promote seamless communication with employees and clients.

Furthermore, many clients prefer this mode of communication as its level of simplicity is easy to understand. Mobile IM applications that people use today are WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, and Signal.

Currently, they are the trendsetters in the communication market and are widely used in personal and workplace settings. WhatsApp has about one billion users globally and is considered the biggest online messenger on the market. Chances are, you also use the application for communication.

But how sure are you that your privacy is protected? The use of IM applications has grown through the years, and people use them as they are convenient. While there are many advantages that it can provide, there are many risks for potential malicious attacks and security breaches.

As such, you would want to have a whasapp call monitoring to keep track of every received and made a call with the app. WhatsApp recording is the best possible defense when disputes arise between customers and clients or proof if company data has been compromised.

TeleMessage can capture and retain mobile content such as SMS messages, voice calls, WhatsApp conversations, and more. They also help ensure that call recording adhere to state laws and is in compliance with various data protection regulations.

Read this infographic from TeleMessage that discusses the comparison of chat application’s encryption, privacy, and safe usage.