Four Popular Modes Of Film Distribution

Four Popular Modes Of Film Distribution

In layman’s terms, film distribution is the procedure of making video content watchable for the audience. This is the task of the viewing rights distributor, who has to plan the entire marketing strategy for a film and decide on what platforms to make it available. Various modes of film distribution are used around the globe, out of which some have gained popularity in the Covid-19 era.

1.     Television

We all remember watching and re-watching movies on TV. Television has been the most popular method of film distribution throughout the decades. It is preferred by people, primarily introverts, since the movie can be watched from the comfort of one’s home. The viewing rights of the film are sold to the television channel for distribution.

2.     Over The Top (Ott) Media Platforms

Ever since the pandemic hit and theatres were shut down, Over The Top, aka OTT media platforms, have become more popular than ever. OTT is an online streaming service provided by various apps like Netflix, Prime Video, etc. The customer pays a periodical charge for availing of the service and can view all the content on that platform. Many big producers prefer selling their rights to OTT streaming platforms over the conventional theatres.

3.     Theatres

This is the old-school method of distribution of streaming rights. In today’s era, theater and cinema halls are very extravagant and advanced. They have food courts, popcorn, recliners, and whatnot. But it wasn’t always like this. The awakening of the theatre was pretty basic. They used a white cloth as a screen, and the film was projected over it.

4.     Video Stores

Video stores were trendy back in the day. With the rise of online streaming platforms, most video stores have gone out of business. A video store used to have all the CDs and DVDs of movies, plays, musicals, etc. They were all available on a rental basis. People could rent the video at a per-day rate or buy the video permanently. Video stores used to have a deposit fee. This streaming model is similar to television, but one has to rent every video singularly.

Film distribution can be the process starting right after a movie is produced and concluding when the audience consumes the content. Over the years, distributors have consistently been working to make the experience of watching a movie more comfortable and pleasant.