How Freelancers Help in Tackling the Labor Shortage Crisis

How Freelancers Help in Tackling the Labor Shortage Crisis

Many companies were hit hard by massive labor shortages due to the increase in COVID deaths and infections between 2020-2021. Global labor shortages are looming, and more companies are looking for freelancers; most are composed of VA companies in the Philippines to help complete their tasks. On the other hand, managers feel confident they can find the help they need throughthis ongoing trend to keep their businesses afloat.

Virtual assistants (VA) are employees who work remotely and provide administrative support to you and your company. They usually do tasks similar to executive assistants, such as making appointments, scheduling calls, organizing emails, and arranging travel.Independent contractors, like a Filipino virtual assistant, prove to make businesses more resilient, especially at this time when the economy is trying to get back on its feet.

The Aid Brought by Freelancers in Case of Labor Shortage

Finding the ideal candidate for a position may be difficult, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. This presents a fresh challenge for an economy still recovering from the pandemic’s consequences. Upwork’s Future Workforce Report has confirmed this. They discovered that 69{9934229ccbe621504520649ca38b486cc75d5ecb23bcc914aefe49d4402053db} of hiring managers expected to add more employees in the following six months. But 60{9934229ccbe621504520649ca38b486cc75d5ecb23bcc914aefe49d4402053db} of respondents also mentioned having trouble locating qualified candidates to fill the unfilled positions.

To address the growing concern about workforce shortage, many companies sought the help of freelancers or virtual assistants. For many organizations, VAs are viewed to withstand the turmoil brought upon by the pandemic. Because of this, a dynamic workforce was born. Whether a company needs people to work on highly specialized jobs or seasonal demands, there would be a person out there ready and able to deliver a job well.

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