iTop PDF – The Best PDF Editing and Management Tool

iTop PDF – The Best PDF Editing and Management Tool


One of the things that you must have noticed is that, no matter which office or workplace you are working at, the work and things are required to be done quickly. So, likewise, there are a plethora of distinct kinds of work, including document conversion work, which is of course a tedious task if you are not aware of the best tools available for the conversion of the document. Most of the time, people use a paid tool for the conversion of various kinds of documents, like Word, PDF, and so on. But many people are also not aware that, in the process of conversion, sometimes the contents get either deleted or changed too.

Converting Documents Through iTop PDF

One of the best and most reliable tools that you can use is iTop PDF. iTop PDF is one of the best tools for converting your Word documents to PDF and PDF documents to Word. Besides the conversion, one of the best parts that you will know about this tool is that it is completely free. It is a quick and easy-to-understand tool. It is not like other complex tools, where you will have to go into the archive and then the text box and then do the editing and so on.

Editing PDFs Through iTop PDF

iTop PDF is el mejor editor de PDF. Another best thing, that you will know about this top management tool is that, besides converting your documents in different formats, it also allows you to do the editing of the documents, which you can do easily. You can edit either your Word Document or PDF Document and add words, add sticky notes and highlights and so on that too in a easy way. Plus, if you want to do the editing of the numbers, you can do that with the help of the iTop PDF editor tool, which allows you to easily insert the page numbers in the document.

Merge and Split PDF Files

Sometimes you may need to merge multiple PDF files into one file, or split a PDF file into multiple files. Sound like a hassle? No, with iTop PDF, you will easily split and merge PDF files

Protect PDF Files

As we all know, PDF format has become the preferred format for many important documents because of its non-editability, because the inability to edit improves the security of the document. But it is undeniable that PDF files may still be used as pirated files. iTop PDF provides a file encryption function, which can completely protect your PDF files with a password, and no one can view the contents of your files except yourself.

Reliable Software iTop PDF

In addition to the above functions, iTop PDF has more functions waiting for you to discover. No matter what the or which documents you need to convert or edit or make changes or alteration including deleting of the page numbers, all of it can be done easily with the help of the iTop PDF tool/software. It is one of the best software that is available today in the market. This software is very much reliable. You can be assured that your documents will not be tampered with, damaged, or in any other way compromised.