Print A Parcel Cover Sheet With The Best Services

Print A Parcel Cover Sheet With The Best Services

As a small business, you must ship your products to the customers. The parcel cover needs to be up to date. Ideally, the parcel cover contains the name and address of the customer. Also, it includes the name and address of the sender. For an e-commerce business, you must print the order details on the parcel cover. It is best to print the parcel cover sheet. We get a free parcel cover (ใบปะหน้าพัสดุ ฟรี, which is the term in Thai), and on that parcel cover, we need to publish the address and other details.

Many small businesses find it overrated to have printed marcel covers. The fact is parcel covers have various benefits like:

  • Accessible To Store And Ship
  • Looks Professional
  • Save Time And Money On Cello Tape
  • Customized Sizing Options Are Available

For an e-commerce site, they must ship many products in one day. Printing each detail for every shipment can be tiring and time-consuming. Hence, one must go for a free parcel cover printing program (โปรแกรมพิมพ์ใบปะหน้าพัสดุ ฟรี, which is the term in Thai). It helps you to print multiple parcel cover details at the same time without wasting much time.

A free parcel cover printing program is software that enables you to print multiple shipping addresses simultaneously. It gives you the free parcel cover on which it will print the shipping details individually.

The following are the feature of using a free parcel printing program by a reliable company:

Can Be Connected With All Types Of Printers:

Excellent free parcel cover software is compatible with all types of printers. It is also compatible with the latest Wi-Fi printers.

Available In Sticker-Based Covers:

Some e-commerce websites use sticker-based parcel covers. A good company printing program supports its printing son stickers, so there is no need to use gum or stick tape to stick the address on the parcel.

We Can Print It In Different Formats:

There are other format options available in this printing program. The only thing you need to do is to select the design as per your company’s needs. For example, this format is also available if you need to print only the sender’s name and address and do not want to add shipment details.

How To Print The Package Label Cover?

The following are simple steps with which you can easily print the cover sheet:

  • The first step is to select the order you want to print on the sheet.
  • Then select prepare to ship status. The third step is selecting the order you wish to print and then clicking the print button.