The perks and benefits of using Proplan

The perks and benefits of using Proplan

There are plenty of planning and scheduling systems available for effective planning and controlling for different phases of project execution. You really should decide to use such software for your benefit. In this regard, Proplan is considered a useful software solution for scheduling, planning, controlling, and monitoring detailed level activities of different project functions.

ProPlan executes ordering, engineering, delivery, manufacturing, construction, tendering and commissioning, etc. On the other hand, displaying scheduled progress versus actual comparisons in reportable graphical formats is also considered. This software thus works as the perfect Construction Time planner

Steps for using this software effectively

There are various steps and methods of using ProPlan you should know about. Knowing all the related steps will make things easier for you to use this Construction Time planner.

  • The defining project, users, and setting

At first, you are required to create OBS/EPS, project plan/schedule, project description along with the calendar, users, and other miscellaneous settings in ProPlan

  • Determining activities

In the second step in proplan, it is essential for you to properly analyze project scope along with stakeholders’ requirements for determining activities, WBS, Quantities, and Milestones. This is an important step in this Construction Time planner.  

  • Determining activity scopes and duration

The third step is to properly estimate the number of work periods required to complete the individual activity scope. This software is known to be a good project planner for obvious reasons. 

  • Determining activity dependencies

In the fourth step of this Construction Time planner, you must identify dependencies/relationships of different project activities for definite reasons. This project planner lets you complete this job without any issue or problem. 

  • Determining the resources

With this project planner, you are now supposed to estimate quantities and types of materials, machinery, manpower, costs, and consumables needed to perform each activity. You are to get the ultimate benefits from using this pro Plan Software

  • Analyzing

In this step of pro-Plan 2022, you are supposed to systematically analyze different activity sequences, resource requirements, duration, and schedule constraints to create a project schedule model. 

  • Monitoring and controlling

Last but not least, it is also important for you to perfectly monitor and control for effective comparison of the plan and duration according to the resource quantities, baseline, and performance measurements (efficiency custom trends, forecast, and progress) of this Construction Time planner. This is how you can make the best use of pro-Plan 7


There are plenty of useful features and functionalities seen in this Construction Time planner that you need to explore for your convenience. Some of these features are given below. 

In this Construction Scheduler, CPM based various project schedules for the levels with the resource loading. Moreover, generation of the critical paths at the Unit/Complex levels is also seen. On the other hand, this project planner also has a generation alert feature for the delayed activities in a critical path. The calculation critical Path is necessary in this regard. On the other hand, non-critical activities are to become critical due to the delay, forecasting, and revised estimated schedule/date of project activities. 

This software also helps generate various dynamic schedules such as 90 days/ 30 days look ahead to plan with the proper resource requirement. Moreover, cost monitoring, controlling, and reporting at the activity levels and Unit levels are done with this gripsware with different scenarios. Along with this, reporting in graphical charts and tabular charts are done in the proper manner. 

On top of that, file comparisons between base files are also executed through this freeware in the best way possible. Percentage progress calculations at the activity and Unite are also scheduled properly. Not to mention, you can update all the information here. It would be most beneficial for you to access the cloud version of this software. 

Advanced features of this software

You can download this software to integrate with any MS Project at your convenience. The process of layer management can well be executed with this software tool whenever you want. All you are required to have is a smartphone, and you can thus access get this software online without any issues. This is the reason so many users and individuals tend to use this software as per their needs and demand. 

Using a mobile, you can plan, schedule as well as control various EPC projects. Whether you use an iOS or Android phone, you can use this software. Not to mention, integrating this software with Microsoft Office or other various Windows products is known to be easy and effective.