Signal Messaging: Reasons To Capture Conversations From The Most Secure Messaging App

Signal Messaging: Reasons To Capture Conversations From The Most Secure Messaging App

Signal is regarded as the top most secure messaging application. With its absolute end-to-end encryption, disappearing messages, and zero data collection, the messaging platform is more than safe against various cyberattacks threatening companies. However, this massive security pro poses problems for businesses when it comes to messaging regulatory compliance. If your firm utilizes Signal for communications, you might find it difficult to supervise the application’s untraceable internal traffic.

You’re probably wondering – Signal is very secure, why should I bother archiving messages? That’s because organizations have implemented regulations relating to businesses using such applications for transactions and other customer data communications. Signal archived conversations can be used in case of an audit investigation; failure to retain any records will cause legal problems. Moreover, lack of supervision can cause problems internally.

This article will discuss the reasons why it’s crucial to archive Signal messages within your company.

Ensure Compliance

Compliance is the number one reason why companies have to archive and retain records of messages sent on every platform they use, even Signal. Organizations like SEC, FINRA, and HIPAA have strict regulations on companies sending information through applications. These rules require businesses to be transparent about their messaging practices and ensure that marketing messages are received with consent from their customers. Archived messages are irrefutable proof of your company’s transparency and ethical practices.

HR Supervision and Intervention

Signal is known for its untraceable communication that even the owners of the app themselves can’t see. And while this is amazing security, this makes it harder for managers to supervise what their employees are sending. Additionally, Signal has a feature that makes messages “self-destruct”, deleting entire conversations within a given time. Using archiving solutions and informing your staff about this will deter unwanted behavior and makes it easier for your HR to keep an eye on what’s being exchanged.

A Source of Truth

You cannot tamper with archived messages nor can anyone else get rid of them. When incidents that require investigations arise, you can use your records of Signal messages as evidence. Even if the other party deletes the conversation or uninstalls Signal from their devices, your archives will act as a shield to protect you from disputes.

Preserve Company Reputation

Violating compliance regulations will result in fines and judgments. Additionally, customers who interact with your organization might become wary if they find out you’re too loose with policies on company communications. A ruined reputation is a firm’s worse nightmare as this will affect the way consumers perceive them. By utilizing archiving solutions for Signal, you can avoid legal consequences and protect your business reputation.

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