Some best video camera doorbells

Some best video camera doorbells

Today it becomes very essential to install doorbells with a video camera that can provide you extra surveillance and security for keeping your home safe. These types of doorbells are now considered to be the no. 1 devices for providing security to your home. In the market, you will get a number of such doorbells that can make you confused about which one to buy. Hence, in this article, we have come up with some of the best video camera doorbells that you can consider for your home.

Five best doorbells with video camera features

The following are some of the best doorbells that come up with video camera features and will be highly suitable for your home:

  • Arlo Video Doorbell: This type of doorbell can provide you the highest level of security for your home. With this type of doorbell, you can get more control over the security of your home. This doorbell comes up with object detection features with the help of which it can detect the difference between people, packages, objects, vehicles, etc. Hence, in this device, there is less chance of receiving a false alert. Another best thing about this type of device is that it can respond quicker at the time of emergency with the help of Intelligent Alerts. Thus, if a situation arises you can immediately call the police or call anyone for help. This type of doorbell can also be installed wirelessly as battery-powered doorbells are also available. Apart from that, you can also install it in your existing doorbell wire and you will get continuous power without charging. Hence, it comes up with a flexible setup and you can have the option for both wired and wireless installation.
  • Vivint Video Doorbell: This type of doorbell can help you to deter thieves and can protect your home. It also comes up with smart deter features with which an instant alert can be sent whenever you have a package. Again this doorbell can sound an alarm as well as shine a light when anyone lurks at your door and you will be able to deter them easily. This doorbell also gives you a 180-degree field of views and thus you can get a complete view of the visitor from the inside of the house with the help of the Vivint app. Apart from that, this doorbell also comes up with a customizable motion zone so that you can get alert for some specific areas of your yard. It also comes up with 90-sec motion-triggered clips and thus offers continuous video recording. Since it comes up with LED light and 65 dB speaker you will be able to deter thieves easily and it has two-way audio for seeing and viewing guests. 
  • ADT Video Doorbell: This is another excellent doorbell with video and camera features. The camera available in this type of doorbell comes up with 720-pixel video resolution. It provides you with a 180-degree field of view and provides you a wide view of activity. It also comes up with two-way audio for viewing and speaking to the guest who has come to your door and waiting for you to open the door. Along with various security features, this video-enabled doorbell can also work wirelessly and you will be able to receive motion-triggered alerts.
  • Ring Video Doorbell Elite: This is another most renowned name when it comes to doorbells. This type of doorbell can be powered over the Ethernet connection and it comes up with two-way audio and has a video resolution of 1080 pixels. It provides you complete control of all ring security. It also comes up with quick-replied features with the help of which you will be able to tell your guest that you are busy and tell them to come again later.
  • Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell: This is one of the best video-enabled doorbells that provides you excellent video quality since it comes up with more than twice the 1080 pixel video resolution. It has HDR for fixing the exposure of the camera hence unlike other types of doorbell you do not get the problems of getting poor videos in poor lighting. In this doorbell two-way audio is also available for speaking with the guest. Apart from that, it comes up with an in-built night light mode with the help of which the light gets turned on automatically during the night. Hence, you can get a clear picture even in the poor light.

Hence, you can buy any of these types of doorbells and with these, you will not only be able to welcome your guest but you can keep an eye on your packages as well as can capture all kinds of suspicious activity.