The 8 Best Plugins for Creating WooCommerce Product Table Layout

The 8 Best Plugins for Creating WooCommerce Product Table Layout

Tables are an integral part of wordpress eCommerce websites. They provide an easy comparison platform. The audience needs to be clear about the differences between products. Speaking of that, the WooCommerce product table is vibrant because of great WooCommerce functionalities. The WooCommerce table is intuitive. It facilitates the audience to draw conclusions about the  products.

Do you need to display gorgeous tables on handpicked wordpress theme ? We have enlisted here 8 best Ultimate Collection of Plugins for this. All help you create a woocommerce product table layout.

5 Best Plugins for Creating WooCommerce Product Tables

1. WP WooCommerce Product Table

It is an amazing plugin to display WooCommerce products in a table. The process to create tables is super easy, flexible, and intuitive. You can make unlimited product tables and display them anywhere. All you need is a tiny Shortcode of WP WooCommerce Product Table.

The versatile plugin is perfect for thousands of different niches. Be it jewellery, fashion, gadgets, accessories, tickets, books, virtual products, online music, etc.

It also comes with twenty eight pre-built columns with complete control features. You can activate or deactivate them. Some of the types are Thumbnail, ID, Serial, and Dimensions.

Some of the core design features are table header,  table body, star rating, quantity input, wishlist button, pagination, and minicart.

There is an ajax designed add to cart button.

2. WooCommerce Product Table

This plugin can help you change  the classic look of your ecommerce website. You get the customer-friendly and highly-functioning appearance. The customers can see all the necessary details of the products in the tabular fashion. It is perfect for any kind of business or products.

The plugin is compatible with Yith quick view and Yith wishlist plugin.

WooCommerce product table even lets the customer search and filter the products. Cart access is available everywhere on the screen, and you can add as many items as you want. With this great plugin, you can also see thumbnail shapes and choose variations in the action column.

There is no-risk money-back guarantee and full time support.

The plugin comes with user-friendly design,  five pre-defined presets, template manager. Also, there is unlimited colorization.

3. WooCommerce Product Table

Here is another plugin with the same name. Be careful not to confuse them with each other.

Turn all your products into a gorgeous woocommerce product table. You might never have come across such a unique woocommerce table.

The extension lets you list your WooCommerce products in a searchable table layout with filters. It is famous for quick order forms, large product catalogues, and restaurant order systems. Some other famous things are wholesale layouts, price lists and more.

You do not need any coding knowledge to display items in a responsive table, that is generated automatically. You get full control over the displayed item.

Add tables anywhere on your website. Adding products in them is also super easy. With the help of a shortcode, you can select the product properties you would like to display as columns and add a table on any page.

The plugin is also 100{cb64ef71a014013af9e5a85b0ad93ca8fb80cf72bf5f18ad91bafbaa457da564} responsive. You can have a live preview of any changes you make to the website.

4. WooCommerce Product Table Listing

Do you want to display WooCommerce Products Items in a responsive, user-friendly table view or order form with a quick view option.  Here is an easy, fast, and awesome method.

Display all your WooCommerce products as a table on one page. No hassle of copying the short-code and placing it on any page, with the help of this awesome plugin.

Bootstrap empowers the user-friendly templates. New feature of quick view is there for your product table.

There is a Product Table listing page that gives a Nice Quick View with a loop and Add to cart Buttons. You can add the products in the cart without any page refresh (Ajax Based). Full information about the product is available. Also, you can set the products’ quantity to add to the cart without going to the Product Page.

You can search products by name with AJAX. There is a quick search bar in the product listing.

5. Woo Product Table Pro – WooCommerce Product Table view solution

The great woocommerce product table plugin comes with device wise column individual settings. There is smooth drag and drop available, also.

Woo Product Table Pro is easy to use and customize.

Some core features are free version, live preview, complete documentation, video tutorials, and support forum. Also, you get shortcodes and HTML formatting. The plugin is 100{cb64ef71a014013af9e5a85b0ad93ca8fb80cf72bf5f18ad91bafbaa457da564} responsive and has filter dropdowns.

It is the perfect plugin for wholesale stores, product catalogs, order forms, restaurant orders & more.

6. WooCommerce Product Table Lite

A great plugin from WC Product Table.

Create an alluring woocommerce table that captures the eye of the audience. It is a great plugin for online spare parts shops, audio stores, restaurant / takeaway menu, etc. WooCommerce Product Table is a Powerful, intuitive editor to achieve professional results based on your needs!.

Plugin is compatible with the WPML translation plugin. Use WPML to translate all your products to a different language.

There is a popup that helps you select product variations, if you as a user try to add a variable product to cart. Moreover, there is a ‘Select variation’ element that can display a variation option in dropdown or radio buttons inside the table anywhere you choose.

The table view gives a quicker bird eye view of the products than a grid layout. The table format makes information easy to absorb. With tables, customers can quickly sort and compare along columns. It helps them with easier judgement and decision making.

7. WooCommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo

Product Table WooCommerce plugin lets you list your WooCommerce products in table layout with filters that are completely searchable.  It is the best choice for quick order forms, large product catalogs, restaurant order systems, wholesale layouts, price lists, and more.

The plugin supports every kind of content.

It can be SKU, Rating, Stock status and Stock quantity, Attributes, Summary, Short description, Product link, Downloads, Buy button, Custom fields, Taxonomies,  Price, Date, Name, or Tags, plugin has got its back.

Please note that the previous plugin had the same name but came from a different company. This plugin comes from the company with the name, WooBeWoo.

It also comes with an online product table builder. You can customize each part of the table according to your need and style. It just needs one click to add the products automatically. Using the ‘add automatically’ option will set you free from editing tables. Caption, Header, Footer, Signature, Description, and the Fixed Header are elements. You can edit and  all smoothly.

8. Woo Variations Table

It replaces the default WooCommerce way to select a variation by showing a table of all the available variations.  It provides the ability to search by a keyword, filter by attributes, and an AJAX add to cart button for each variation.

You can show a table of all the available variations of a variable product. Customer need not to select the product attributes before he can even see the variation description that he wants to add to cart.

Wrapping It All Up

So it is not difficult to get a great woocommerce product table on your website that attracts customers. All these plugins help you do that and help with revenue generation. Download one of them to get a great woocommerce table.