Incredible benefits of listening to music at work

Incredible benefits of listening to music at work

The boss has not even appeared at the door yet and there has already been a rush to turn off the music. According to research, enjoying a song can have many benefits for your productivity. Here we bring you some of them.

Releases the “happiness hormone”

When we listen to music we like, our body reacts with the release of dopamine, one of the neurotransmitters responsible for the sensation of pleasure, well-being, which it often does. Make us more motivated for some task. Listening to your little music has the same effect on the brain as being “in love” with someone.

A pause in the stress

Are you nervous? The lyrics of the songs activate the region of the brain that processes language, stimulates the motor cortex and the memories of the hippocampus. All of these reactions get you involved and keep up with the rhythm of the song, helping to take your focus off an issue that has been stressing you out. Download your favorite songs with Pazusoft Apple Music Downloader and never stay away from songs that make you calm, energetic, and happy. Around 90{03c9eae151221f6fcc55b36029b74fd7d3690d18e2885c387f6b5128bcf5fa4e} of people perform better in their tasks when listening to music.

Each song, an occasion

It is not just about putting on any little music and waiting for the miracle to happen. According to some studies, different musical styles cause different results in our body, especially in our productivity. It shows that 88{03c9eae151221f6fcc55b36029b74fd7d3690d18e2885c387f6b5128bcf5fa4e} produce results that are more accurate. Dancing music increases review speed by 20{03c9eae151221f6fcc55b36029b74fd7d3690d18e2885c387f6b5128bcf5fa4e}. Background music improves people’s accuracy of data entry by up to 92{03c9eae151221f6fcc55b36029b74fd7d3690d18e2885c387f6b5128bcf5fa4e}. Classical music can make people 12{03c9eae151221f6fcc55b36029b74fd7d3690d18e2885c387f6b5128bcf5fa4e} more accurate. Pop music is able to make you reduce your mistakes about 14{03c9eae151221f6fcc55b36029b74fd7d3690d18e2885c387f6b5128bcf5fa4e}, besides making you work 58{03c9eae151221f6fcc55b36029b74fd7d3690d18e2885c387f6b5128bcf5fa4e} faster.

For more concentration, bet on favorite playlist

When it comes to concentration, the best option in your playlist is those songs that you know from head to tail. When we hear a new song for the first time, a large amount of dopamine releases into our body, unlike when we hear a song we already know well. This excess of dopamine in the body will end up leaving the person euphoric, excited, which can be a great disaster for concentration. Thus, experts suggest fancy songs or instrumentals to enhance your focus.

No more tensions

In addition, if a newly released song releases a good amount of dopamine in your body, listening to that favorite song, which reminds you of unique moments, acts in the same way. When we listen to our favorite song, dopamine arrives with everything, filling us with that feeling of pleasure, well-being, relaxation, which considerably reduces tension. In other words, the rock people can really relax and be in a nice place listening to a heavy sound.

To another environment helps creativity

Even for those who say they cannot concentrate and be productive with music, there is sound that can help. Ambient sound of a coffee shop is the perfect stimulus for creativity to emerge. You can also listen to different types of music, such as relax music calm music, etc. you can simply download an online music downloader and listen to your favorite music.