Launch of Gomni: the savings investment that combines security and return

Launch of Gomni: the savings investment that combines security and return

In our uncertain economic context, the French are saving more than ever to anticipate the future. Gomni wanted to offer them the opportunity to have a savings with a fair return at its fair value: between 10{03c9eae151221f6fcc55b36029b74fd7d3690d18e2885c387f6b5128bcf5fa4e} and 15{03c9eae151221f6fcc55b36029b74fd7d3690d18e2885c387f6b5128bcf5fa4e}.

By observing the market players, the founders of Gomni – experts in finance – made the observation that that there was no investment that combined a fair return with security. So they created Gomni to
to launch their own offering.

While traditional savings investments (Livret A, Livret Jeune, Compte Epargne account…) are safe, they have a very low rate of return, below the current inflation rate current inflation rate. By placing their savings in them, the French lose money every month.

The more lucrative investments (stock market shares, crowdfunding, crypto currencies) require
a minimum of knowledge to get started, and they carry risks that are sometimes unpredictable.
which are sometimes unpredictable. The risk of losing everything is real.

Gomni – The investment that feels good

Gomni combines the two most important aspects of investing: security and
and return.

What’s the return?

3 packages are available at launch, with returns of 10{03c9eae151221f6fcc55b36029b74fd7d3690d18e2885c387f6b5128bcf5fa4e}, 13{03c9eae151221f6fcc55b36029b74fd7d3690d18e2885c387f6b5128bcf5fa4e} or 15{03c9eae151221f6fcc55b36029b74fd7d3690d18e2885c387f6b5128bcf5fa4e}.

Why is Gomni a safe investment?

Money invested with Gomni’s partners is extremely well monitored. The partners are meticulously selected, based on records, investigation and numerous conditions.

The contract signed by the investor guarantees a fixed rate of return, which can’t go down, no matter what lower, no matter what happens. The interest rate is cumulative over 9 months with contract.