Intricate Details About Dell PowerEdge R740

Intricate Details About Dell PowerEdge R740

Dell PowerEdge R740 helps rapidly maximize the application’s performance. It is a great mix of storage, computer power, accelerator cards, a two-socket platform optimized for the VDI, etc.

If you are interested to know about the performance and features of Dell PowerEdge R740, then you are at the right place. In this thread, we are going to discuss the great features of the Dell PowerEdge R740. Keep reading!

Workload Acceleration:

The performance of the application can severely get maximized with the server of Dell PowerEdge R740. With a huge range of options of FPGA and GPU, it has the feature of being versatile and easily adapts virtually to different kinds of applications. At the same time, it acts as an optimum platform for all the VDI deployments. Furthermore, R740 offers drives up to 16 x 2.5″ or 8 x 3.5″ and also iDRAC9. Hence, this will help you scale to meet the varied demands and the entire lifecycle of IT.

It Transformation:

R740 is known to be a workhouse that is used for general purposes as it helps in optimizing the workload acceleration. Since it is super versatile, it helps transform the data centers for the VDI, SDS software-defined storage, and artificial intelligence. The various other advantages of their usage include that it helps in freeing up the massive storage with the help of M.2 SSDs, which helps optimize the boots. It also helps in scaling the deployments for VDI with GPUs of 3 doubled width, thereby supporting almost 50{cb64ef71a014013af9e5a85b0ad93ca8fb80cf72bf5f18ad91bafbaa457da564} or more number of users.

Automated Productivity:

Dell has intelligent management and EMC automation which primarily allows the users to spend less of their quality time on maintenance and focus on the important priorities. With the help of Dell PowerEdge R740, users can reduce the IT downtime, and most of the issues get resolved up to almost 72{cb64ef71a014013af9e5a85b0ad93ca8fb80cf72bf5f18ad91bafbaa457da564} of them with the guidance of SupportAssist and ProSupportPlus.

It also helps improve productivity by a great margin with the assistance of Dell EMC iDRAC9 used for automated and efficient management. Lastly, it helps in simplifying the deployment with the next generation OpenManage console and the server profiles. This helps in properly configuring and preparing the servers in a very adjustable, scalable, and rapid manner.

 Hence, overall R740 great when it comes to performance, and one should get their hands on the same to accelerate their productivity.